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Case Studies

Tesco Supermarket

Tesco saves space and boosts revenue with self-service coin counters from Cummins Allison.

Product/Program: Coin Programs

Reasors Grocery

Reasor’s, one of Oklahoma’s largest independent grocery chains, has added Cummins Allison’s self-service coin counters throughout its 19 stores. Their motivation? A more flexible service agreement, increased profits and faster coin processing.

Product/Program: Coin Programs

Lake County Treasurer

See how Lake County Deputy Treasurer Don Schneider saves labor costs and serves the are better by processing check and payments on JetScan iFX check and currency scanners.

Product/Program: JetScan iFX i100

The General Insurance

Insurance companies process remittance payments faster with JetScan iFX check scanners, saving money and reducing employee frustration.

Product/Program: JetScan iFX i100

Penn AG Bureau of Narcotics

The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Bureau of Narcotics uses JetScan iFX to capture serials numbers of buy and seized money to compare bills and document cash better.

Product/Program: JetScan iFX i100