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Case Studies

Tachi Palace Case Study

Product/Program: JetScan iFX i400

Dollywood streamlines cash handling

Product/Program: JetScan MPS 4100

Casinos - Improved deposit processing

Product/Program: JetScan iFX i100, i200

Case Study - Large Retail

Product/Program: JetScan iFX i200

Case Study - Small Retail

Product/Program: JetScan iFX i200

Case Study - Teller Check Capture

Product/Program: JetScan iFX i200

Maps Credit Union

Maps Credit Union has installed Cummins Allison’s Money Machine® 2 self-service coin counters in three of its branches to reduce wait times and improve member satisfaction.

Product/Program: Money Machine 2

Case Study - Utility Company

Product/Program: JetScan iFX i100

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff's Office uses JetScan iFX cash scanners to capture serial numbers, document cash, and compare buy and seized money faster.

Product/Program: JetScan iFX i100

Hopewell Federal Credit Union

Hopewell Federal Credit Union has achieved significant productivity and service gains as a result of implementing self-service coin machines. The coin counters have helped enhance member services and streamline teller efficiency.

Product/Program: Money Machine 2