Strip Cut Shredder

strip cut paper shredder high capacity quality commercial business security

Strip cut shredders for any office

Strip cut shredders handle staples, paper clips and other non-paper items better than other types of paper shredders. Cummins Allison strip/ribbon cut models generally handle more sheets per pass than equivalent cross cut units.

Reasons to consider a heavy duty shredder at your business:

  • Compliance with federal privacy laws

  • Confidential business and employee documentation

  • Concerns with identity theft

  • Cost of outsourcing services

  • Peace of mind

Tips for selecting the right shredder:

  • Assess your volumes and plan for growth—go larger than you think you need

  • Determine your level of security needs—shred type is important

  • Ask about onsite service support

When selecting a commercial paper shredder, it is important to understand exactly what types and sizes of paper you will be shredding, in order to determine the correct throat width size for your needs.

Throat width refers to the size of the opening in which you put material to be shredded. It is recommended to select a throat width that is large enough to accommodate your widest paper size. A throat width too small may decrease paper shredding speed and efficiency. The following is a guide to help you determine which size would best meet your needs:

  • 8 5/8" -- Perfect for shredding letter or legal size documents.
  • 10 1/4" -- Accommodates letter and legal documents, as well as most letter size computer paper.
  • 12" -- Ideal for shredding mid-sized computer paper and standard file folders.
  • 16"- 20" -- Easily accommodates large-sized computer documents.

For optimal use, paper shredders must be conveniently located, fast and reliable.

No matter what your volume or your security level requirement is, Cummins Allison has the right commercial shredder to meet your needs. Visit the Cummins Allison supplies store to view and order from our selection of shredders. Or feel free to contact us today for prices on this product as well as pricing for other products and solutions that fit your needs.

Cutting Specs
Shred Size (inches) 515: 5/32

535: 1/4

555: 1/4

1405: 1/4
Sheets Per Pass 515: 10-12

535: 24-30

555: 35-38

1405: 75-110
Throat Width (inches) 515: 8 5/8

535: 10 1/4

555: 16

1405: 16 1/8
Physical Specs
Dimensions 515: 21 x 14 x 9

535: 37 x 20 x 19

555: 38 x 25 x 23

1405: 57 x 49 x 67
Weight (lbs.) 515: 24

535: 109

555: 216

1405: 904
Power Specs
Maximum Horsepower 515: 1/5

535: 9/10

555: 1 3/4

1405: 10