JetSafe Employee Bank


Fast, secure employee bank deposits

JetSafe is a cash management system used to quickly, accurately and securely process employee banks. Counted and verified cash is immediately locked into the note validation safe, greatly reducing exposure to loss or theft.

High volume cash deposit processing and bill validation enables employees to make unsupervised deposits as they complete their shifts. Combines with Cummins Allison coin counting equipment for a complete currency management solution.

  • Limit exposure, reduce risk by depositing banks as needed

  • Track transactions electronically via unique user IDs - ideal for managing multiple cashier stations

  • Includes JetScan currency scanners, counting and validating at 800 notes per minute

  • Cash Storage Security provided by high capacity UL291-grade safe holding up to 5,000 notes


  • Counterfeit detection: Identifies potentially counterfeit bills, stops for inspection.

  • User-friendly touch-screen interface: Simplifies usage and training.

  • Envelope drop-slot for non-cash media: After user records checks, coupons and other items to include in totals.

  • Programmable security: Allows individual access levels to be set by user ID.

  • Print individual user reports: For end-of-day activity and cash removal; audit trail promotes accountability.

Structural integrity features

  • Three 1" chrome-plated locking bolts protected by drill-resistant hard plate and spring-loaded relocker

  • Steel plate self-locking vault door

  • Interlocking back flange

  • Four floor bolt-down holes


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JetSafe high volume cash deposit safe

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Available options

  • Employee identification swipe card: Eliminates manual entry.
  • Durable cassette carrying case: Provides protection and convenience.
  • LED remote display: large and easy to read.
  • High-speed thermal or impact printer: Receipts and reports.
  • JetSort or Cummins Allison self-service coin sorting equipment: Complete cash handling solution.
Physical Specs
Dimensions 49-3/8" H x 26" W x 25" D
Weight 650 lbs (empty)
Power Specs
Voltage Voltage is 120 VAC, 60Hz.