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Windows 10 and Your Financial Services ATM Fleet: Start Planning Your Update Now


December 11, 2018 MT. PROSPECT, IL — While it may seem like your financial institution (FI) just upgraded its ATM operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 7, another new update is just around the corner. On January 14, 2020, support for Windows 7 ends and FIs will need to convert to Windows 10. While 2020 sounds far away, most FIs are starting to plan for the upgrade now. Why? Because running an unsupported operating system is risky business. Below, Cummins Allison, outlines key features of Windows 10 and what is involved in making the switch.

What’s better about Windows 10?

A key advantage of Windows 10 is its security features. Designed to be the first line of defense in detecting and preventing cyber-attacks, Windows 10 provides increased security for protection against malware and other forms of attacks. Additionally, value-added software features improve the consumer experience and keep pace with advances in technology.

What’s involved in migrating?

Migrating to Windows 10 may not be a standard upgrade, and FIs must begin the process as soon as possible. As recommended by ATMIA, a successful implementation includes an evaluation of your existing ATM fleet, testing, compliance vetting, systems and software considerations to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. From the planning phase to roll out, it is an estimated 12-15 months. The process includes obtaining budget approval, being placed in queue for the upgrade with your ATM provider and determining whether your fleet requires only a software upgrade, processor and software upgrade or a complete system replacement.

Allowing for a 12-to 15-month timeline helps an FI secure the necessary budget required to support such an initiative. The last time the industry faced an operating system upgrade, too many FIs waited too long, resulting in additional risks and frustrations.

Keys to a successful implementation include:

• Evaluation of your existing ATM fleet

• Testing

• Compliance vetting

• Systems and software considerations

• Budget planning

• A 12-15 month timeline

What are the costs associated with upgrading?

Keep in mind that the cost to upgrade existing and aging equipment could be more expensive than replacing your ATM fleet altogether. It’s critical to weigh these costs during the planning process. When evaluating current fleet needs, you may find that a switch to new equipment can not only help your FI address the Windows 10 upgrade, but also position your branches with upgraded ATM equipment that delivers an enhanced customer experience and addresses overall branch productivity.

Compatible and cost-effective ATMs

Cummins Allison offers a full line of ATMs to meet your FI’s unique needs. All of Cummins Allison’s ATMs are Windows 10 compliant and cost-effective, as well as supported by local sales and service. The time to start planning your upgrade starts now, and Cummins Allison can help. To learn more, visit

About Cummins Allison

Cummins Allison is the leading innovator and provider of check, currency and coin handling solutions, as well as full-function ATMs. Our world-class sales and service network includes hundreds of local representatives in more than 50 offices in North America, 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries and is represented in more than 70 countries around the world. For more information about our award-winning solutions, visit



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