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Leading UK Retailer Tesco Saves Space and Boosts Revenue with Compact Cummins Allison Money Machines

OCTOBER 1, 2014, COVENTRY, ENGLAND — Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of coin and currency handling solutions, today announced that its customer Tesco has not only enhanced customer service by implementing self-service coin machines, but also solved a key space problem and boosted revenue across multiple store locations in the UK.

Tesco installed coin counting machines as an "extra service" for customers in its larger stores years ago and soon found that the machines were not only popular among customers, but also produced valuable revenue. Of Tesco’s 3,000 stores, nearly 200 are smaller-format Tesco Metro outlets, and because of their small size, the retailer found that Cummins Allison self-service coin machines were a natural fit. With a total footprint of only 1.22 square metres, these coin counters are one-third of the size of those used in larger stores and fit easily into Tesco’s smaller locations.

Tesco chose Cummins Allison machines not only because they fit the needs of all their individual locations, but also because of the relationship that has been established between the two companies.

Stephen Law, Assets and Estate Buying Manager at Tesco said, "When we think of Tesco, we don’t just think of 3,000 stores, we think about serving our customers in all of our locations – large and small alike. We initially selected Cummins Allison because of their coin counter’s small foot¬print and their ability to fit into our smaller format stores. What we discovered, however, was not just a great supplier, but also a true partner. A forward-thinking industry leader who is truly invested in Tesco success."

Tesco has been so satisfied with Cummins Allison equipment and service that within 12 months of establishing its relationship with Cummins Allison, the retailer placed orders for significantly more coin machines than it originally intended – and it continues to install more each month. Cummins Allison develops site surveys for Tesco to determine the best location for the coin counters, and conducts regular assessments of how the machines are performing in each retail location.

"Since many of Tesco’s stores are smaller in size, we understand that all of their retail space is extremely valuable," said Doug Mennie, president of Cummins Allison. "We’re pleased that our coin counters are providing a reliable service, and that our relationship with Tesco is enhancing the customer in-store experience and driving additional revenue."

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