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Cummins Allison Explains How Cash Counters Help Law Enforcement Agencies Make Better Use of Their Budgets

AUGUST 26, 2014, Mt. Prospect, IL – Budgets have been tight for many public organizations in the last several years, including law enforcement agencies. This has made it especially difficult for many law enforcement units to secure the kind of funding necessary to conduct expensive investigations and programs that prevent crime from spreading throughout local communities. However, automated technology that is affordable and can quickly count, scan and document cash can make it much easier for these agencies to save money on time-consuming administrative tasks.

Cummins Allison, a leading innovator of coin, currency and check processing technology, as well as ATM solutions, outlines ways law enforcement agencies at all levels of government can make better use of their budgets and resources by using technologically advanced cash counters to more efficiently process and document large quantities of seized money.

Improving Efficiency with automated Cash Handling Machines

After money is seized during an arrest, it must be counted, sorted, scanned or photocopied, then wrapped and stored in a safe or evidence room. This is often a time-consuming and labor-intensive activity that requires agencies to count the cash by hand then spend hours photocopying each bill for evidentiary documentation. This manual process is also highly prone to human error.

To address these issues, many law enforcement agencies are implementing automated cash counting machines to improve speed and accuracy when counting and documenting seized currency. Today's currency scanners are dependable and extremely accurate, and digital imaging technology simultaneously scans the front and back of each bill, capturing and storing serial numbers, scanning for counterfeits and counting mixed bills, all at a speed of 1,200 bills per minute. This automated equipment makes it possible for a single officer to accurately count and properly document thousands of dollars in minutes – saving officers hours of time and lead to cost savings that may help institutions avoid the need to make staffing cuts.

Money Counters Create Income for Law Enforcement Agencies

In addition to enabling the better use of time and resources, law enforcement agencies can also benefit from the money obtained during law enforcement operations. While government institutions are often prohibited from using this cash for salary expenses, the funds can be used to finance training programs and other issues directly affecting operations. These extra funds can be valuable as many agencies continue struggle with budget cuts.

Additionally, since all digital images and serials numbers of every bill have been scanned, captured and stored, the confiscated money can then be deposited into the bank and start earning interest instead of just sitting an evidence warehouse for years awaiting the trial. For example, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in Phoenix, Arizona had over $3 million sitting in its evidence warehouse for nearly four years awaiting the trial. "After using an automated scanner to run the currency and image the serial numbers, we were then able to deposit the cash into the bank and begin earning considerable interest income," said Lt. Brian Stutsman of the Special Investigations Division of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

As law enforcement agencies continue to deal with budget and staffing cuts, leveraging the full benefits of money counter technology can make it easier for organizations to make better use of their available funding and resources. Investing in these machines will create more efficient departments that are better-equipped to continue protecting local communities from crime.

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