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For casinos, investing in advanced deposit processing & check imaging technology is a sound choice



NOVEMBER 8, 2012, MT. PROSPECT, IL – To meet the 24/7 schedules of the casino and gaming industry, today’s properties need to increase efficiency and streamline back-of-the-house check processing. Unfortunately, checks can create a productivity roadblock for many casinos. A great deal of employee time is spent processing checks separately, correcting imaging errors and then photocopying and storing checks. The numerous pain points associated with processing checks, both from employees and patrons, demands a better technology solution.

Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of coin, currency and check handling solutions, outlines the drawbacks to traditional deposit processing solutions and highlights the advantages of implementing high-quality check image scanning and an all-inclusive check, currency and ticket processing solution. Traditional technology solutions can lead to more issues.

Many casinos will often opt to use a traditional, horseshoe-type scanner (sometimes selected by their financial institution) to scan their checks and make electronic deposits via Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). While using this type of scanner and RDC combination might seem to be a better option – checks no longer need to be photocopied and hardcopies can be stored for considerably less time – it can present unforeseen issues:


  • Inadequate speed: Scanning checks and processing deposits can be time-consuming, tethering employees to the back-of-the-house when they could be focusing on players or more critical tasks on the casino floor.

  • Frequent jams: A scanner that jams frequently is not just frustrating, it can make it difficult to track what documents might have been missed, leading to errors, such as duplicates.

  • High incidence of piggybacking: Piggybacking – where two documents are pulled into the scanner at the same time – results in a potentially serious problem for a casino’s financial institution (FI), as a mixed image could result in an unauthorized account deduction, a missing deduction for the amount not visible, and/or a violation of privacy when a check or endorsement image is sent to the wrong account holder.

  • Increased processing time/fees: Duplicates and piggybacks that become exceptions add processing time for the casino’s FI, and they may charge higher fees as a result.

  • An all-inclusive solution for faster, better deposit processing

Speed, performance and imaging errors can make scanning checks a time-intensive process for casino staff, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Casinos now have the option to invest in an all-inclusive check processing solution – the JetScan® iFX. With the JetScan iFX, gaming properties can not only prepare their deposits quickly and easily, but they can also image and archive checks, process cash and even process and image tickets – all on one machine.

What’s more, the speed and intuitive operation make training quick and straightforward. In many cases the JetScan iFX can interface with existing casino systems and be deployed quickly with no loss of data. The currency processing modes used with an existing scanner are still available on the JetScan iFX, and casinos can also maintain their electronic deposit capabilities by ensuring that the device is acceptable to their FI.

Maximize employee time and your equipment’s footprint

Savings can be achieved by deploying a single device that has multiple capabilities: processing currency, tickets and checks. While maximizing the device’s footprint, casinos can make more productive use of employees’ time and the property’s equipment. With this solution in place, employees can:

  • Process cash at 1,600 bills per minute, 40% faster currency processing

  • Scan tickets at 1,200 items per minute, 85% faster ticket imaging

  • Scan checks at 400 documents per minute, 222% faster check processing

  • Reduce errors using a simplified deposit interface and fewer steps

  • Decrease or eliminate time spent rescanning check and ticket images

There’s no reason to gamble on the technology solutions that ensure a casino’s gaming operations run smoothly. With a higher-quality check image scanning solution in place, casinos can achieve more efficient deposit processing, which has a direct impact on their bottom line – saving time, money and labor.

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