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Cummins Allison Money Machines With Fastpay Boost Woodman's Food Market Customer Experience And Bottom Line




FEBRUARY 13, 2012, Mt. Prospect, IL— Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of coin and currency handling solutions, today announced that its customer Woodman’s Food Market has enhanced customer service and seen a return on investment (ROI) from the implementation of its coin counting machines with FastPay™ across multiple store locations in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Woodman’s Food Market first began as a corner grocery stand back in 1919 and over the years has grown into a leading regional grocery chain with stores in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Prided on delivering fast, efficient service – adopting Cummins Allison self-service coin machineswas a natural fit for the Woodman’s business model.

“Of the coin programs that we considered, Cummins Allison’s self-service coin machines with FastPay was the best – they’re an income driver,” said Clint Woodman, vice president of Woodman’s. “We’ve seen steady usage of the machines from our customers and they’re providing a good ROI.”

With many of the coin counting machines placed in the front of the stores, located directly past the checkouts, customers are able to readily see the machines or promotional materials advertising the service. 

“The self-service coin machines are now part of our customers’ shopping experience. And because of Cummins Allison’s unique delivery model, we’re able to achieve success in two ways – first, we’re providing our customers with a fast, efficient service where they receive their money right away due to the FastPay option, and second, since we own the machines, all of the income provided by the machines goes directly to Woodman’s,” added Woodman. 
“Although Woodman’s stores are quite large, we understand all of their retail space is extremely valuable,” said Doug Mennie, president of Cummins Allison. “We’re pleased that our coin counters with FastPay are providing a reliable service, enhancing the customer in-store experience and driving income for Woodman’s.”

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About Woodman’s Food Market


An employee owned corporation, Woodman’s Markets are a fresh change from the super box multi-product stores. Currently, shoppers access Woodman’s stores all the way from Green Bay, WI to the Chicagoland suburbs of Illinois. Woodman’s offers huge variety and much lower prices than these other grocery stores and super box operators. In addition to grocery items, Woodman’s stores also feature huge, extremely well-stocked liquor stores, discount gas stations, oil change centers and car washes. This makes Woodman’s a convenient one-stop, grocery-shopping destination. Established in 1919, Woodman’s has grown steadily over the years through word of mouth, exceptional customer service, huge varieties of products, and extremely competitive pricing. You can fill a shopping cart with more at Woodman’s and spend much less than you will at any other grocery store or super box store.