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Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino Improves Currencey Processing Speed, Accurately with Cummins Allison Jetscan iFX Solutions




JANUARY 26, 2012, MT. PROSPECT, IL— Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of currency, check and coin, handling solutions, today announced that Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino has recently selected its JetScan iFX™ currency handling solutions for placement throughout the property's cage, vault and kiosk areas.


The revolutionary Cummins Allison JetScan iFX platform features advanced currency processing capabilities. Utilizing the entire JetScan iFX portfolio, documents are processed quicker, more accurately and with fewer stops; providing unmatched productivity in Tachi's cages, kiosk room and vault.

"By implementing Cummins Allison JetScan iFX solutions, we were able to seamlessly replace our time-consuming and cumbersome currency handling processes with very little employee training necessary," commented Ruth Ritchie, director of cage and vault operations, Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino. "The JetScan iFX platform is also a wise capital investment for Tachi, as the solutions can be easily expanded as our needs change or upgraded to the latest technology available."


Time Savings in the Cage, Kiosk Room and Vault


JetScan iFX i100 currency scanners provide significant efficiencies in Tachi's cages, vault and kiosk rooms by combining multiple processes on a single, compact device. Previously, currency was processed at a rate of 600 notes per minute, but with the i100 series that number has dramatically increased to 1,600 notes per minute. Tachi and its patrons can also be assured that all of the notes they receive have been subjected to the scanner's rigorous counterfeit detection standards, which are the highest in the industry.

With the addition of the JetScan iFX i200 currency scanners, currency and tickets are processed out of Tachi's vault rooms at a rate of 1,200 notes per minute – a 100 percent increase from the former rate of 600 notes per minute. Also, the kiosk room went from previous rate of 1,000 notes per minute to 1,200 notes per minute. In addition, employees rarely have to stop work and attend to jams or rejects on these 2-pocket models, which has improved employee productivity.

Tachi has also seen an impressive improvement in its vault operations since deploying the flexible JetScan iFX i400 multi-pocket currency sorter. Before installing the i400 series, Tachi's soft count drop required four employees and four hours to process. Now the process can be completed in half the time, at a rate of 1,000 notes per minute and with two fewer employees – resulting in a 100 percent increase in productivity. Tachi's vault team quickly adapted to the i400 series' seven pocket design, with their feedback rapidly leading to the addition of two more pockets for even greater efficiency.

Ritchie noted, "By acquiring new technology, we've achieved our goal of bringing new processes to the property that improve our guests' experience and make our employees' jobs easier."

"We are pleased that Tachi has selected our JetScan iFX solutions to improve the speed and accuracy of their currency handling within their cages, vault and kiosk room," said Doug Mennie, president, Cummins Allison. "Cummins Allison has a long history of providing equipment that has been recognized in the gaming industry for delivering the fastest processing speeds, greatest efficiency and ease of use."

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