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Cummins Allison Shares Three Key Considerations To Look For When Purchasing a High Quality Coin Counting Machine




MARCH 13, 2012, MT. PROSPECT, IL— Financial institutions (FI) of all sizes must continually look for ways to streamline efficiencies and improve customer service.A self-service coin counteris one solution that enhances the customer service experience, while reducing labor costs and increasing operational efficiencies. With 64 percent of loose household coins redeemed at a FI1, a strong market for self-service coin redemption clearly exists.

The success of self-service coin redemption is largely dependent upon two important machine interactions: 1) the customer’s positive interaction while counting coins and 2) the employee’s interaction while managing the machine. For these reasons, machine selection is critical.Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of coin, currency and check handling solutions, shares three key considerations to keep in mind when selecting a self-service coin counter.


Not All Self-Service Coin Counting Machines Are Created Equal



  • Accuracy Equals Uptime –An accurate self-service coin machine uses technology to discriminate between U.S. coins and non-coin objects without interruption to the user. Advanced coin-sorting technology that employs on-the-fly coin discrimination is best because it automatically rejects debris and foreign coins without stops or jams. In addition, high-speed sorting technology positively impacts user experiences by quickly processing coins without interruption. These technologies, including on-the-fly discrimination and high-speed sorting, result in greater uptime for customers and fewer interruptions to employees. Holding the world standard for accuracy, Cummins Allison self-service coin counting machines achieve an accuracy rating of 99.995 percent.

  • Equipment Quality Makes a Difference –Cutting corners in the manufacturing process means substandard operations, including broken or damaged moving parts. A self-service coin counter must be robust to withstand the processing of millions of coins as well as thousands of bag and bin changes. Cummins Allison patented coin-sorting technology is designed for high-volume operations and uses only one moving part, which has a minimum life of 50 million mixed coins. Manufactured in the U.S., these coin sorters require fewer repairs for lower operating costs.

  • Backed by Reliable Service –In general, customer-facing, self-service equipment needs preventative maintenance and repair. That’s why it is critical to seek a coin counter backed by local service technicians who are trained for on-site service and maintenance. Cummins Allison service technicians are on call with local parts inventories, preventing downtime while helping to deliver 98 percent uptime and industry-proven reliability.

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1Assessing the Opportunities for SSC Machines in the Financial Segment: BranMark Strategy Group (2011)

About Cummins Allison Cummins Allison is a global leader in developing technologies which count, sort and authenticate currency. The U.S.-based company has a 100+ year heritage of leadership in technology and product innovation and currently serves the majority of financial institutions worldwide, as well as leading organizations in retail, casinos, law enforcement and government. The company holds more than 350 U.S. patents and has ongoing research and development (R&D) investments double the industry average. Cummins Allison is headquartered near Chicago, IL with R&D centers near San Diego, CA and Philadelphia, PA and wholly owned subsidiaries in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and France. The company also has an extensive sales and service network with more than 50 offices in North America and is represented in over 70 countries. For more information,


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