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First National Bank Selects Cummins Allison to Increase Branch Efficiencies

MARCH 22, 2016, Mt. Prospect, IL – Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of coin, currency and check processing technology as well as ATMs, today announced that First National Bank, located in St. James, Minnesota, has added a mix of self-service and cash automation technologies to help improve operational efficiencies and enhance the customer experience.

"Mechanical breakdowns, no availability of replacement parts, Windows® 7 and EMV were the primary reasons for replacing our ATM," said Kimberly Johnson, chief financial officer, First National Bank. "The older generation technology was a deterrent in our ability to provide a reliable, always available ATM to our customers. We had issues balancing the machine and our service provider was not meeting our needs," said Johnson.

First National Bank selected a Cummins Allison H48ND drive-up ATM as the replacement. An extremely secure, self-contained, automated branch in the drive-through lane, the ATM provides the 24/7 availability required for First National Bank's customers to conduct their transactions quickly and securely.

At First National Bank, equipment uptime is vital to maintaining customer satisfaction. Since installing the Cummins Allison drive-up ATM, the bank has had zero issues. The ATM's front access ensures cash replenishment is fast and easy. And, the machine balances each time, while the custom screens give First National Bank the ability to market other services to its valued customers.

Improved Currency Processing

In order to minimize the time employees spent counting cash, making deposits and processing ATM currency, First National Bank also added a JetScan iFX® i200 dual-purpose currency scanner. The single machine helps First National Bank provide the most effective means of managing daily branch transactions. "This technology allows staff the opportunity to focus on the more complex needs of our customers. We're pleased to be working with Cummins Allison," said Johnson.

Automate Coin Handling

First National Bank also added a Money Machine® 2 self-service coin machine. The addition of the self-service coin counter in the lobby provides customers with a convenient method of depositing their coin. "By automating the handling and processing of coin deposits, our tellers are no longer burdened with the time-consuming task of handling coin," said Johnson. "In addition, the machine is much quieter than the one we had before."

First National Bank has made it a priority to simplify daily activities with a focus on operational improvements. "Our partnership with First National Bank gives us the opportunity to showcase our latest branch transformation solutions – including self-service coin, ATMs and high-speed desktop currency processing," said Bob Gibson, vice president, branch operations, Cummins Allison.

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About First National Bank

First National Bank has been serving St. James and surrounding communities for over 94 years. The bank was established in 1918 with a strong commitment to delivering quality financial services to the area. First National Bank is locally owned and operated which means local decision making on loan requests and personalized friendly service.

About Cummins Allison

Cummins Allison is the leading innovator and provider of check, currency and coin handling solutions, as well as full-function ATMs. Our world-class sales and service network includes hundreds of local representatives in more than 50 offices in North America, 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries and is represented in more than 70 countries around the world. For more information about our award-winning solutions, visit