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Cummins Allison: Currency Counters Help Law Enforcement Agencies Comply With New Regulations

FEBRUARY 24, 2015, Mt. Prospect, IL – During a criminal investigation, law enforcement officials often seize money as evidence. These assetsare then deposited into law enforcement accounts and are used to supplement the agency’s budget. Several states have established new regulations requiring increased detail in the reporting of assets seized during criminal investigations.

Cummins Allison, a leading innovator of coin, currency and check processing technology, explains how currency counters can help law enforcement agencies comply by these new regulations with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Improving Compliance and Increasing Efficiency

As a result of the changes around asset forfeiture, many law enforcement agencies are looking to adopt technology solutions that help them adhere to the increased requirements for reporting and documentation. It is imperative that agencies, especially those that handle large amounts of cash, such as drug task forces, find a way to quickly and accurately count and document seized assets using as few resources as possible as they continue to face budget and staff cuts.

Today’s currency scanners are dependable and extremely accurate, and digital imaging technology simultaneously scans the front and back of each bill, capturing and storing serial numbers, scanning for counterfeits and counting mixed bills, all at a speed of 1,200 bills per minute. This automated equipment makes it possible for a single operator to accurately count and properly document tens of thousands of dollars in minutes – saving hours of time and letting personnel move on to other tasks.

The portability of some of these devices allows them to easily be transported to crime scenes to quickly document currency on-site. This eliminates any possibility of doubts related to the chain of evidence while minimizing the amount of time required to processes the currency at the station.

Image Management for Searching and Reporting

Cash documentation and management can be further enhanced by using currency counters with image management software. Together, these tools record, organize, and store digital images of all currency seized. Operators can then search for bills by specific criteria, including serial number, and cross-reference the newly seized money with various lists of money known to be used in illegal activities. The image software can also quickly generate reports by case number, date or name.

The Cummins Allison JetScan iFX i100 currency scanner offers law enforcement agencies the fastest, most accurate means for counting seized currency and documenting money for evidence. Cummins Allison provides currency counters to 239 law enforcement agencies, including 26 High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HITDA) territories.

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