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Cummins Allison Explains How New Currency And Ticket Processing Solutions Help Casinos Ramp Up Revenues, Draw In Patrons





MARCH 26, 2013, Mt. Prospect, IL – In today’s business climate, casinos must do all they can to get a leg up on the competition in order to attract patrons – and keep them coming back. Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of coin, currency and check handling solutions, outlines how cost-efficient, back-room technology, such as currency and coin handling solutions, can help casinos streamline time-consuming mandatory processes, allowing them to dedicate more time and resources to customer-facing and revenue-generating front of house activities.


Workflow Improvements that Benefits the House

Handling large quantities of cash, checks and tickets is a reality for casino operations, but how a casino chooses to complete this task can make a difference in productivity and effectiveness. Whether it’s sorting and counting in the cage area, the bank, or the soft count room, efficient currency and coin handling solutions can streamline the process for faster and accurate results.


Casinos are exceptionally tech-friendly, and although this investment in technology is typically dedicated to increase revenue on the customer-facing side of the business, it extends to the operational side if the new technology provides a clear benefit to a casino and its bottom line. With an all-inclusive currency processing solution, casinos can quickly and easily prepare their deposits, archive and manage their check images, process currency, and process and image tickets – all on one machine. Costs associated with maintaining multiple pieces of equipment are eliminated, and casinos can make more productive use of employees’ time.


Benefits That Put Casinos a Step Ahead


With most budget and attention given to the front of the house, it’s imperative that any back-room technology investment is an affordable and justifiable expenditure. It’s important to select a currency and ticket-handling solution that is flexible in its configuration to allow the casino to scale up or down depending on the space restrictions. By improving efficiency, employees spend less time counting, allowing them to end shifts on time, reducing overtime expense and improving employee morale.


Advanced cash, ticket and coin handling solutions can also benefit front of the house areas – most notably the cage – by accommodating cash, checks and tickets on a single cashier device. This not only saves space, but makes employees more efficient, enabling them to spend more face-time with patrons. In addition, ticket imaging capabilities help casinos comply with gaming regulations for the storage of redeemed tickets, eliminates the need to store paper tickets, and streamlines the processes of locating a ticket should an audit occur. Some casinos have brought even greater service to the front of house by installing self-service coin machines – giving customers a faster alternative to having casino cage employees count their coins.


Right Partner, Right Technology for the Right Results


Casinos seeking to invest in high-efficiency currency and coin handling technology should partner with a vendor who can offer a wide variety of solutions that can handle multiple mediums concurrently, rather than pigeon-hole the casinos into one configuration or technology option, and offer the flexibility to grow as needs change.


Whether in the cage area, soft count room or elsewhere, investing in the latest currency, check and ticket handling technology can minimize document handling process, improve employee efficiency and allow casinos to leverage the cost and time savings to front-house upgrades to draw more patrons in and keep them coming back.


Cummins Allison’s full range of currency and coin handling systems for the casino and gaming industry will be displayed at the Indian Gaming 2013 Tradeshow and Convention, March 24-27 in Phoenix, AZ, in booth #1340.


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