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Cummins Allison Explains How Check Processing Machines Boost Efficiency At Local Government Organizations

FEBRUARY 11, 2014, Mt. Prospect, IL – Municipal government bodies are constantly looking for ways to do more with less, which means investments in high-speed combination check and currency processing machines may lead to long-term payoffs. Financial tasks, such as collecting property taxes, negotiating deals with public universities or partnering with private companies, all require a substantial amount of organization and work on the part of administrators at state and local agencies.


Rather than spending an excessive amount of time manually depositing checks or taking frequent trips to the bank, automated technology can help these organizations make better use of their available resources. As government bodies across the U.S. struggle to balance their budgets, any opportunity to limit overhead costs can have a positive impact on overall operations.


Cummins Allison, a leading innovator of coin, currency and check processing technology, as well as ATM solutions, outlines how public agencies and municipal bodies can reduce costs, maximize resources and improve efficiency by employing check processing machines.


Municipalities Seek to Maximize Income
Property tax is one of the most reliable sources of civic income. Many cities depend on these annual checks to fund essential government programs and services. Ever since the Great Recession in 2008, and amid slow economic recovery, a large number of municipalities have made efforts to slightly increase property tax rates to generate more income. Some cash-strapped municipalities have also been able to strike deals with local nonprofit organizations and academic institutions that are typically exempt from having to pay property taxes. While these measures may contribute to increasing income, they can also add to the burden of processing check payments.


Leverage Technology to Increase Efficiency

Whenever local government bodies accept money from the public, there is an especially high standard for operating with as much efficiency as possible. Residents often have little patience for municipalities and counties that aren't able to use their resources wisely. Tools, such as check processing machines, can help many agencies deposit property taxes with little overhead cost. Local government officials can use technology to save time instead of relying on a large number of employees to manage these tasks when they could otherwise be working on more important projects.


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