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Cummins Allison Explains How Casinos Can Reduce Costs & Improve ROI with Back-of-the-House Currency & Ticket Counters

MARCH 29, 2016, MT. PROSPECT, IL – As gaming properties work to attract patrons and increase revenue, they must make decisions about which technology solutions to adopt in order to improve their operations. While investment in technology is often dedicated to the customer-facing side of the business, many casinos are looking to invest in soft count room currency and ticket handling solutions to boost efficiency and productivity with a minimal cost of ownership.

Cummins Allison, the leading innovator and provider of coin, currency, ticket and check handling solutions, offers three questions to ask when evaluating ticket and currency sorting vendors and solutions. Addressing these three areas will help you identify the most qualified vendor and solution for your property's needs.

1. How does the vendor deliver a reduced cost of ownership?

The total cost of a technology solution is more than just the initial cost of the equipment. It is important to consider how well a solution meets both immediate needs and long-term goals. Solutions that quickly count and image mixed currency and tickets – all on one machine – reduce the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining multiple pieces of equipment.

Additionally, solutions with flexible configurations deliver cutting-edge features with the ability to scale up or down in accordance with space restrictions and property changes. These systems position casinos to better predict future costs while improving technology consistency and efficiency both in the front and the back of the house.

Look for a vendor with a national network of local offices that maintain their own inventories of parts. This way, local service representatives can respond quickly for service and repairs, without the need for casinos to have resident technicians and a parts inventory onsite. The result is a decreased total cost of ownership while still maintaining smooth, reliable operations.

2. Does the solution provide maximum efficiency where it matters most?

A casino’s ability to handle large quantities of cash and tickets as quickly and efficiently as possible has a significant impact on its bottom line. To achieve optimal efficiency, look for high-speed solutions with one-pass, non-stop processing. Some high-speed solutions can process 1,000 mixed bills and tickets per minute, while strapping currency and imaging tickets, all in a single pass.

Solutions that offer continuous batch processing further improve efficiency and reduce downtime by processing multiple batches continuously without the need to manually start and end each batch. By adding fitness sorting capabilities that automatically separate currency according to different fitness quality requirements, time that would otherwise be required to remove damaged or sub-par bills is reduced.

Lastly, ensure your technology solution incorporates barcode scanning and digital imaging functionality.

This allows casinos to automatically scan and capture barcode data and ticket images and export that information to a database, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual entry typically associated with this process, as well as the need to store physical tickets.

3. How will this solution help increase my ROI?

By selecting a solution provider with proven performance, outstanding service and a low cost of ownership, gaming properties maximize their investment. Consider the initial and long-term costs associated with a solution and how quickly you will realize a return based on the efficiency and productivity gains achieved. Handling large quantities of cash and tickets is a reality for casino operations, and selecting the right solution and the right vendor can make a difference in the ROI you achieve.

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