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Cummins Allison Announces New Mixed Coin Bag System to Its Money Machine 2 Self-Service Coin Counter for Grocers

AUGUST 2, 2016, Mt. Prospect, IL—Cummins Allison, the leading innovator of coin, currency and check processing technology, as well as ATMs, today announced the addition of a new mixed-bag coin- collection system to its line of Money Machine® 2 self-service coin counters.

Mixed Bag Collection System Reduces Costs

Grocers with a large number of coin-saving customers now have the option of adding a 16 mixed-bag unit to their business. “The new system makes it a more feasible option for customers whose limited coin pickup options have prevented them from offering coin counters in the past,” said Jim Weaks, vice president, Cummins Allison. “Mixed-bag machines offer the benefits and convenience of a bin with a lighter-weight container (bags) that can be picked up by virtually any carrier.”

Trial Placement Results in Improved Profits for Grocer

In a recent trial, Foodland Grocery in Fairmont City, Illinois realized an increase in profits and a reduction in coin processing fees with the Money Machine 2 mixed-bag unit. “Of the coin programs we considered, Cummins Allison’s was an income driver,” said Barney Miller, owner, Foodland. “Our previous machine was costing me more money for bin pickup and I was only making a one percent profit.”

The machine’s continuous processing and less frequent bag changes were ideal for Foodland’s high-volume coin redemption, which averages $1,500 coins per week. “The penny bags on our sorted bag machine filled up on a regular basis, so we were required to change the bags frequently throughout the day,” said Angie Lynn, customer service manager, Foodland. “With the mixed bag machine, all of the coin mixes together into the bags, so we only need to open the machine once to remove the full bags.”

Increase Foot Traffic with Self-Service Coin Redemption

Self-service coin machines provide solid returns and compliment high-quality customer service initiatives for many grocers. And, selecting a provider that offers flexible procurement options makes it easier and more cost-effective than ever to deploy this value-added service.

“Self-service coin redemption provides grocers the benefit of bringing more customers into their stores with the likelihood of spending that disposable cash on groceries,” said Weaks. “Backed by our commitment to deliver the most dependable coin-counting equipment, services and program options, we believe Money Machine 2 allows virtually any grocery store to add coin-counting services to their operation.”

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