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Why self-service coin machines are an opportunity for profit for grocers

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Grocers gain profit and more foot traffic by implementing self-service coin machines in their grocery stores

Why should you install a self-service coin counting machine in your grocery store? It's about increasing profits and enhancing the customer experience — two positive outcomes every grocer strives to achieve.

Here's how a coin machine like the Money Machine 2, with its high-speed processing, ease of use, quiet operation and advanced debris management, can help grocery stores kick their customer service up a notch while increasing profits at the same time:

Increased traffic. A self-service coin machine is one more reason for customers to enter your store. Increased traffic equals increased profit for you. If you put the coin counting machine in the front of the store, directly past the checkouts, customers will see it and be aware you're offering the service.

Enhanced service. Many banks have stopped counting coins for their customers, and yet more coins are in circulation today than ever before. A self-service coin counter is a fast, efficient, value-added service to customers.

User fees. In addition to enhanced customer service and increased traffic, a self-service coin machine adds up to profits for you. When you manage the machine yourself, you decide what user fees to charge, and you keep that profit. This is especially powerful if you purchase the machine. You'll hit your ROI in as little as 12 months, and from then on, it's pure profit for you. How much? On average, grocers see $16,000 per year in revenue per machine.

Less cost buying coin. When you have a coin counting machine, you've got access to the redeemed coin inside. You can recycle it back into your own operations. You're eliminating the cost of getting rolled coin from banks!

March 1, 2019