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What can self-service coin counters do for "grocerants?"

Niche supermarkets such as grocerants can still benefit from coin counting machines.

While grocery stores take various shapes and forms, they can all rely on self-service coin counters to provide a special service to customers. A little extra cash in everyone's pocket is always a plus, and one of the best ways of gaining it is through loose change saved over time. With enough time and effort, customers could get a bundle of bills out of it. The benefit for supermarkets is that people can then use the money in store on different purchases. As the store evolves, more opportunities to spend that money become available, which means a greater chance that money will go back into the hands of the markets. 

"Grocerants" could benefit from deployment of self-service coin counters

As recent trends indicate, more people are eating out than buying food at the grocery store. Supermarkets should see this as an opportunity to evolve beyond the standard format of offering a wide variety of ingredients and foodstuffs. One new concept is the "grocerant." A portmanteau of grocer and restaurant, these stores offer dining establishments in the form of full-service restaurants or quick-service eateries on top of the traditional selection of products, produce and ingredients. Eataly, a worldwide chain, is representative of this practice.

Another grocerant will open in downtown Chicago in late 2016, according to local blog DNAinfo. Latinicity, a Hispanic-themed shop and eatery, will open by early November at the Block 37 shopping center. On top of imported groceries from Latin America, it will have 12 food stands and a full-service tapas restaurant. Currently, an abridged version of the shop, Loncheria, is open on the concourse level of Block 37. The food stand intent is clear at this place, as all items are $10 or less. The intended audience is primarily people working in the downtown core, coming in for lunch or other meals. The place sports views of Chicago landmarks such as the Goodman Theater.

While these settings may not look the ideal location for a self-service coin counter, having one can still be beneficial. Consider that these customers tend to be busy during the day and would rather spend free time at home with their loved ones when possible. With these machines, customers can sort out their coins during a lunch break or while grabbing something just before commuting home. As a part of the daily trip going to and from work, these counting machines don't become a trip in and of themselves.

December 14, 2015