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Virtual roulette presents new opportunities for TITO ticket readers

Virtual roulette games can benefit from money and ticket counters.

Money and ticket counters are useful tools for casinos that utilize video slots and virtual gambling machines. The ticket-in, ticket-out reading technology these machines use makes it easy for employees at the cash desk to quickly scan, sort and deliver winnings to customers. This increases customer satisfaction overall. It also provides an additional incentive for casinos to use non-table games as the basis of their entertainment. While table games remain popular with patrons of all kinds, video-based gaming offers a higher potential of profit by increasing the number of playable combinations all the while lowering the odds. By combining electronic-based card games or slots with these ticket readers, casinos can earn a lot of money out of visitors.

New virtual roulette helps expand offerings compatible with money and ticket counters

Since the advent of video slots, virtualized gambling is a powerful boon to casinos. What makes them lucrative and distinct from table games and mechanical slot machines is that there are great combinations and a much higher level of randomization involved during play. Whereas a mechanical slot machine would have five reels at most with only 22 positions each, video slots can have more of both, increasing the maximum payout while also lowering the odds of winning. More importantly, through specialized game management systems, gaming halls can control the chances of winning so that they can still profit while at least giving players the feeling that they can still win big.

However, the main problem with video-based slots and card games is their limited selection. Casinos can't convert many table games into virtual format for various reasons, including the structure of the game needing some physical elements. Still, there are efforts to make new virtual table games. One is Virtual Roulette by Aruze Gaming. Casino Journal reported that the machine combines several elements to create an exciting table game experience. It possesses a series of HD screens displaying a realistic roulette to place bets. The game comes with a side game that increases winnings called the Progressive Jackpot. Customers have options on how to play, for they can simply run a classic roulette game, or they can examine roll history to strategize their betting. The game runs on a minimum of eight stations but can expand to 50.

When players win using machines like this, they receive a ticket marking the cash they scored. Money and ticket counters come into play here by scanning the winning ticket and delivering the money to the customer. This quick and efficient system benefits both the casino and the visitor, a win-win situation.

December 30, 2015