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Vigilance against counterfeiting requires cash counters

Vigilance against counterfeiting requires cash counters

Cash counters are an effective deterrent for businesses that want to stop the flow of counterfeit money. The machines carry various technologies that can easily identify a fake from the real thing. Whether a criminal just made a set of fraudulent $100 bills using an inkjet printer or is part of a sophisticated criminal operation using offset printers, businesses can easily determine whether a customer is sincere or shady in how they pay for high-value goods or just regular everyday items. By stopping the flow of counterfeits, businesses can help themselves and the local economy, doing a service to the community at large.

Increased counterfeiting activity in the Midwest necessitates awareness, money counters

While certain times of the year bring a surge in consumer sales and thus the opportunity to pass fake high-value bills to retailers, counterfeits can and will strike at any time. Sometimes it starts small, but in certain circumstances, a series of cases can occur at the same time. While they may not have a complete connection to one another, they can put a strain on regional economies as a whole. It's in the best interest of businesses to stay vigilant against these criminals to maintain business operations and a strong community.

A small portion of the Midwest is a current target for counterfeiters. First, in Bowling Green, Ohio, police discovered that criminals widened their distribution of fake $20 and $50 bills to businesses such as big box retailers, according to Usually, these criminals operate in the haven of convenience stores and fast food restaurants that are less likely to see high-value bills all that often. By targeting larger businesses, it's an indication of wider operation than originally envisioned. Circulation extends from northwest Ohio to southeast Michigan.

In Cass County in southwest Michigan, businesses struggle with a similar situation on Interstates 94 and 96. Businesses in the counties of Van Buren, St. Joseph and Kalamazoo reported receiving fake $20, $50 and $100 bills from unscrupulous individuals. reported that the Cass County Sheriff's Office issued a warning to businesses in the county to pay close attention to any bills higher than $10.

Situations such as these present great opportunities for using cash counters. They can detect these bills through fluorescence, infrared, UV light and magnetic sensing. Even the most sophisticated counterfeits will have a hard time passing through these machines. Retailers can do their communities a favor in using these machines, preventing criminals from undermining the regional economy.

January 8, 2016