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Using money counters to boost law enforcement efficiency

Using money counters to boost law enforcement efficiency

Money counters give police departments and sheriff's offices a more cost-effective and efficient way to count and scan bills acquired in large money seizures. These devices are portable, so the chain of custody can be kept intact, and officers can initiate the counting process quickly on site. With budget issues an ongoing issue for many departments around the nation, law enforcement agencies need all the help they can get in making the most of their available resources.  

The towns of East and West Rockhill, Pennsylvania, for example, recently disagreed about spending for the 2015 police budget, according to The Reporter Online. The two towns share costs, and almost every year they run into difficulties finalizing plans. Many police departments throughout the country also face constant pressure to keep their spending in check. Investing in cash counters is a smart way to increase department-wide efficiency. These machines not only save money, but officers themselves will quickly find that they don't have to spend as much time manually counting seized money. Instead, they can dedicate more time to other pressing issues.

An additional concern with budgets is how many officers can be hired to patrol a neighborhood. Ford City, a borough in Pennsylvania, recently passed a budget for its police department that might result in less officers on the street. The town can't afford to keep as many people working as it could before, according to The Kittanning Paper. As police forces across the country deal with issues relating to expenses, it can help to invest in tools that allow officers to get more work done in less time. Counting and scanning money seized during drug busts or other major arrests doesn't have to be an obstacle that stands in the way of officers getting other important work done - especially when resources are already tight. 

January 29, 2015