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Use innovative cash counters to enhance operations

Whether it's a small or large business location, cash counters will always be in demand. These businesses may participate in events with multiple vendors, such as sidewalk sales. As such, using cash counters for business and general productivity will help fight against counterfeits and maintain financial security. Why else should businesses use cash counters? There are multiple benefits, such as safety and ease of use as well as convenience for vendors and businesses. Here are four great reasons to use cash counters at your small business today:

Why use cash counters at a business?

1. Fights against counterfeits
According to WFTV, ABC7 News and CBS Boston, there were three large counterfeit busts in Boston, New York City and Tavares, Fla. between December 2015 and February 2016 alone. These large counterfeit busts mean that while the use of debit, credit and EMV cards may be on the rise, counterfeit currency is still a problem. There are solutions businesses can take towards preventing the intake of counterfeit currency such as using a cash counter or cash scanner. These currency counters can help business owners separate which bills may be suspicious and which are not.

2. Compliments digital payment options
As many consumers make the switch from cash to digital or mobile payment options, cash counters can be used as an addition to these payment options. For example, say that the individual paying with a near-field communication (NFC) device does not have enough on the mobile payment option to properly pay. If the individual has at least a small amount of cash, the cash can be run through a cash counter and properly placed into a safety drawer.

3. Speed up operations
Instead of spending long periods of time counting money in a cash drawer, use cash counters to finish the job quickly and efficiently. Not only does this save the person counting time, but it saves the organization overall more time and effort to focus on the events at hand.

4. Create convenience
Most of all, cash counters are made to save a business time and effort. Because of this, cash counters have become increasingly effective and fast over the years. Moreover, cash counters can save the time it would take to check counterfeit bills by hand as well.

Cash counters are an effective way to add convenience and safety in the small-business environment. 

April 15, 2016