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Technology helps casinos attract new customers

Managers of casinos and other gaming destinations have the opportunity to reduce overhead operational costs by investing in multipurpose machines that scan tickets, process checks and count cash. Businesses in the entertainment industry are often responsible for handling a wide variety of transactions on a regular basis. For example, casinos not only receive large amounts of cash every day, but they must also find ways to easily organize tickets and make deposits when customers make purchases with checks.

As a result, gaming company operators are constantly looking for new innovations that save time and ultimately lead to greater operational efficiency. A new report released by the business intelligence firm IBISWorld found casino hotels throughout the U.S. may be at the cusp of an industry-wide comeback after several years of slow growth on the heels of the Great Recession. Over the last five years, total revenue has grown at a relatively modest annual rate of 1.4 percent. However, 5.2 percent growth by the end of 2013 will likely result in $50.5 billion worth of income this year alone.

Renewed consumer confidence has a significant impact on casino industry success, but it's not the only factor affecting growth. Many businesses have also found new ways to market their services and attract more customers. The Press of Atlantic City, a newspaper published in Atlantic City, N.J., said some of the city's casinos have started offering a wider variety of events to boost overall economic activity.

As managers in the gaming industry incorporate more events into their operations, employees may run into various obstacles without the right technology. By investing in automated machines that quickly count and handle cash, checks and tickets, businesses can save a substantial amount of time performing essential back-office responsibilities. 

December 10, 2013