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Sustainability goals are achieved one small step at a time

While some companies are overhauling their facilities in a bid to advance sustainability efforts, not all organizations have the capabilities to install solar panels, utilize geothermal HVAC systems and replace their fleets with green vehicles. Many are however taking less ambitious steps that still show their commitment to the environment and can potentially reduce costs.

Companies trying out green options
Many companies are beginning to see the advantages of implementing sustainability measures, no matter the scale of the initiative. For instance, some business owners are taking the simple step of turning off lights and computers while they're not in the cash room, which saves on energy costs and limits overuse of resources. Others may offer benefits to workers who carpool, bike or take public transportation to get to work.

A number of businesses have increased the number of green products available to customers, like grocers that sell organic or local produce. Other companies place a greater emphasis on sustainably produced goods from manufacturers that rely on green energy.

Check scanning one sustainable practice with many benefits
Business owners are even making the latest technology work to their advantage when it comes to sustainability. Companies that use a check scanner and compatible software solutions aren't just enjoying the convenience of the newest developments - they're also helping limit resource use and conserving the environment. With remote deposit capture technology similar to that used by ordinary consumers, businesses no longer need physical copies of every check they've received, allowing them to cut down on paper use and limit the space necessary to store such documents.

Check scanners offer yet another benefit to the environmentally conscious. Because this technology allows deposits to be made remotely, and much more quickly, it eliminates the need for smaller businesses to physically transport checks to the bank. As a result, these companies no longer need to use fuel to deposit checks, allowing them to save money on gas expenses and limit vehicle pollution. Larger enterprises may notice even greater sayings, as this technology can limit their need to transport checks via armored carrier. Implementing this solution not only helps business owners further their green initiatives, it also saves them time and money. Eliminating trips to the bank and limiting time spent processing transactions with the use of a check scanner ensures they can spend as much time as possible at their place of business helping customers and advancing their firms. With the time and money that be saved using such technology, business owners may be able to reinvest in their companies and research other green options.

May 10, 2013