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Summer travelers may need to stop at convenience stores

Summer vacation season is kicking off and as a result, convenience stores and gas stations may see a significant increase in business. The number of Americans choosing to drive to their vacation destinations is on the rise, and they'll likely be making plenty of stops for snacks, fuel and other essentials. This makes it more important for businesses to use the latest cash counters to handle an influx of summer travelers.

More road trips anticipated this summer
Air travel can be pricey, particularly for families with several children. The recent economic downturn didn't make things easy on these families when it came to booking flights. However, most people are unwilling to forego a summer trip, particularly if they were forced to hold off on one last year. In light of current economic circumstances, many people are opting for a cheaper form of travel - driving to their vacation spots.

According to a recent survey by TripAdvisor, 86 percent of families are planning a vacation this summer, and a large portion anticipate using their car to get there. Seventy-four percent of summer travelers will rely on their cars, making automobiles the most popular form of transportation. For many families, driving may be more affordable than flying, especially as gas prices have continued to drop slightly year-over-year. According to TripAdvisor's research, high fuel prices impacted 39 percent of travelers' plans in 2011, but that number dropped to 14 percent by 2012 and fell again to 13 percent this year.

Convenience stores must prepare for business
Convenience stores see sales from drivers passing through an area throughout the year, but that number will likely rise considering all the summer travelers relying on cars this year. Drivers will need to stop for gas, and may find it easier to pay with cash, particularly if they have a certain amount set aside for the trip and are on a strict budget.

Gas won't be the only purchase vacationers will make while they're on the road. Snacks and drinks will also be popular, especially among travelers with kids in tow. It's not always possible to stop at a restaurant every time the kids need something to eat, so parents may stop at a gas station and stock up on granola bars, juice and crackers to pacify their young ones. Convenience stores will also serve as a benefit to busy moms who forgot to pack some essentials. Sunscreen, toothpaste, bug spray and soap are all easy to forget, and convenience stores should stock up and prepare for purchases by arming themselves with a cash counting machine.

June 12, 2013