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Summer cookouts bring more to supermarkets

As summer kicks off, more families are grilling steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers, stocking up on buns and purchasing condiments. Thanks to the popularity of summertime barbecues - along with higher beef prices - supermarkets across the country could see a surge in revenue. As a result, they may need more effective cash management solutions and find it increasingly beneficial to use a dual purpose cash and check scanner.

More barbecues lead to more food purchases
Cookouts are common as the weather heats up, and more families need the supplies necessary to host a party for friends. Food, side dishes, condiments, paper plates and napkins are all necessary barbecue materials, and those hoping to host a get-together this summer will need to obtain these supplies from their local grocery store.

Those with dessert-loving family and friends may also need some sweets for later in the evening, meaning they'll need to add fruit, ingredients to make s'mores and pies to their grocery list. The increasing number of transactions may lead to more supermarket sales, making it important for grocers to have the more efficient cash management solutions that will allow them to get out of the back room and better assist customers searching for ingredients.

Higher beef prices could also contribute to more spending
However, summer cookouts aren't the only reason consumers may be spending more at the grocery store this summer. Higher beef prices could also increase the amount of cash supermarkets bring in each week. According to The Wall Street Journal, beef prices are expected to hit record highs in the coming weeks, which could mean shoppers looking for steaks and burgers are spending more than they anticipated.

Summer droughts have been the cause of much of the higher beef prices. Because crop yields have been low in recent years, animal feed costs have skyrocketed, forcing ranchers to cut their herds. This can in turn contribute to the more expensive meat seen in supermarkets.

While the higher prices may deter some consumers, many shoppers won't let slightly pricer beef deter them from grilling burgers and other beef products this summer. Sales are expected to stay strong, and supermarkets can't let their transaction processing strategies slip just because they expect customers to budget for cheaper meats. In light of the more expensive beef prices and plentiful summer cookouts, grocers will need to be prepared with the cash and check management solutions to keep business running smoothly.

June 7, 2013