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Smuggling across border increases need for efficient processes

While immigration is currently one of the hottest topics among lawmakers, it's also a prevalent topic of discussion among local law enforcement officials and agencies battling the tide of illegal drugs that flow from Mexico and Central and South America into the U.S. The number of drug busts near the border is high, and law enforcement groups will need to have the best cash counting machines on hand to document the amount of money seized in these well-planned takedowns.

Cross-border smuggling poses problems for law enforcement
Drug smuggling - and the cash that often accompanies it - has continued to be a problem along the U.S.-Mexico border. A report from the Center of Investigative Reporting analyzed more than 80,000 seizures that occurred between 2005 and 2011 and found instances of drug smuggling across the border is still prevalent, and border patrol agents need to employ the resources necessary to deal with such infractions immediately.

Smugglers are sneaking both drugs and large amounts of cash across the border, according to reports. San Diego CNS affiliate KFMB recently reported on a major bust at federal checkpoints, during which $4.2 million worth of methamphetamine and $1.2 million of cocaine were discovered at a border crossing. Agents managed to seize the substances before they could make their way into the U.S., thanks to the assistance of drug-sniffing dogs. It can be harder, however, for agents to detect large amounts of cash that may be going over the border illegally, making it essential for them to consistently update tactics in regard to finding stashes of currency moving across the border. The Arizona-based Douglas Dispatch reported border patrol agents recently managed to seize nearly $236,000 a Mexican national was attempting to smuggle out of the U.S.

The need for more efficient processes
Because cross-border smuggling is relatively common, law enforcement professionals need to be prepared to deal with almost any situation they encounter. While procedures for handling any drug discoveries are essential, it's also imperative officials be ready to handle any massive cash seizures. Being able to quickly and efficiently document this money using the most up-to-date cash counter that images the bills and stores the serial numbers in a database is essential in helping officials build their case against criminals and determine the scope of the crime. Without the right technology, investigations may be unnecessarily delayed, which can hinder an agency's ability to perform tasks correctly.

July 15, 2013