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Small-footprint, high-impact banks leverage ATMs

Small-footprint, high-impact banks leverage ATMs

According to Bank News, there's a rising trend in the financial services sector that changing the ways banks implement technology including ATMs. Senior Editor Toni Lapp highlighted the fact that technology has pushed banks and other financial institutions to adjust the way they approach customer service more last year than ever before.

Randy Wardwell of mobile banking technology developer FPS-Gold told Bank News that some institutions are moving in the direction of equipping tellers with tablets and similar mobile technology to help get them out from behind the counter and engaging customers in the lobby. Customers have also expressed interest in using these devices to sign in as they enter a location when they're in need of assistance.

ATMs provide personalized service

Ultimately, the push for more customer-centric service in banks comes down to design and architecture. In many places, banks are slimming down to create a more lean environment that still provides consumers with everything they need, but they're doing more with the space provided. For instance, Bank News highlighted the case of one branch that transitioned from a traditional behind-the-counter or glass format to a cafe-style arrangement that encourages staff and customers to sit down in a more comfortable environment to discuss their needs.

Small-footprint ATMs are a natural fit for this type of setup. They give banks more opportunities to integrate the technology in a way that provides customers with access to banking resources around the clock, especially when they're placed in the lobby. At the same time, this adds to the financial services firm's commitment to personalization as customers can choose their preferred channel to carry out their business. The Cummins Allison small footprint ATM delivers every convenience for bank customers at any point in the day.

January 8, 2015