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Small businesses need money counters to succeed

The culture of small business is on the rise and these enterprises require the use of money counters as a way to process and manage payments. The millennial generation is known for their entrepreneurial spirit and desire to create home-based or freelance businesses. According to Fast Company, the freelance and entrepreneur economy is increasing. Inc. magazine said 27 million Americans today, 14 percent of the U.S. population, run their own businesses. With such impressive numbers for work alternatives to the corporate world, small scale organizations must find ways to easily appeal to consumers by offering a variety of payment options.

While smart point-of-sale machines such as Square, Clover and TouchBistro are the most popular systems available for credit and debt card purchases, the undeniable truth is that businesses must also continue to accept cash. For this reason alone, businesses need to invest in money counters in order to succeed.

Cash counters can help enable growth

Small business technology is rapidly evolving. From Bluetooth-enabled digital beacon technology to mobile point-of-sale systems that can pull up inventory in a flash, organizations are finding new ways to appeal to consumers and take payments. However, the most popular form of payment in the U.S. is still cash. Businesses must cater to American shopping habits for this reason alone.

Money counters can help business owners process and scan money quickly and accurately even if volume changes slowly over time. Most money counters are equipped with four levels of memory, meaning that no daily totals will ever go lost in databases or spreadsheets. This digital records can also help companies see how many purchases customers make with cash in comparison to cards. The benefits extend to employee onboarding and development of new staff, as managers can spend more time training fellow employees and less time focusing on unnecessary bill counting. 

One of the other important benefits of a money counter is its ability to count multiple bills at a time. A single counter can take up to 1,600 bills per minute, making processing quick and simple for business owners. Lastly, the most important benefit of a money counter to a business is its ability to decrease the time staff members spend using database software or in the back room. These employees will be able to tend to daily operations more efficiently and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction for increased revenues.

June 16, 2016