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Set aside more time for front-line service with dual purpose check and cash scanners

Set aside more time for front-line service with dual purpose check and cash scanners

Recent developments in the retail industry have magnified the need for automated back office technology such as dual purpose cash and check scanners. Small and medium-sized businesses with limited resources often have a hard time finding the right balance between the need for strong front-line service and multiple hands on deck to complete administrative tasks such as counting currency or depositing checks received from purchases. That's why tools that complete these cumbersome processes in a matter of minutes can be so valuable for both managers and employees.

In February, Gap Inc., the major U.S. clothing retailer, announced that it would set $9 per hour as the minimum wage for all store employees in the company's U.S. workforce this year. The New York Times reported that the brand's leadership revealed plans to boost that rate to $10 per hour by 2014. While this news ignited an entirely new political debate about minimum wage in the U.S., Gap's decision also raises an important point for retailers of all sizes. In fact, Glenn Murphy, the company's chief executive officer, said raising the minimum wage sends a message that the organization is banking on the importance of its front-line employees as a major source of customer retention.

A recent article from Entrepreneur argued that strong service on the showroom floor represents the most immediate opportunity for long-term business growth. However, the owners of small enterprises may not have the ability to devote so much time to customer service - especially when staff members are stuck manually counting cash or taking frequent trips to the bank to deposit checks. With the help of a dual purpose cash and check scanner, employees at these businesses will suddenly find themselves with more free time available to focus on improving the in-store experience for shoppers. The savings that come from automating these administrative tasks will also put retailers on track for meaningful growth down the road.

March 7, 2014