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Self-service coin counters provide a new competitive strategy

Self-service coin counters provide a new competitive strategy

As the grocery industry continues to undergo significant changes, self-service coin counters can serve as a competitive way for traditional retailers to increase store traffic. More grocery chains are emerging, and grocers are facing more competition from online delivery services as well.

Amazon has been working to offer same-day delivery capabilities for customers for the past few years, and the e-commerce giant is now offering a grocery service for consumers in Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Times reported. In addition, Google expanded its Express grocery delivery service into LA at the same time. It also offers the service in the Bay Area and Manhattan.

While these are the most recent players to enter the grocery market, a growing number of online delivery programs are starting to crop up around the country, which adds to the challenges of traditional brick-and-mortar grocers. Wal-Mart and eBay offer similar services, which allow shoppers to purchase perishable items without leaving the house. Traditional grocery need to encourage additional traffic despite the presence of other options.

Expanding offerings helps grocery chains stay competitive
Beyond product offerings, customer service and pricing, traditional grocery stores can expand their services to give shoppers another reason to visit. Self-service coin counters provide an additional benefit to customers and prevent them from having to make a separate trip to the bank.

Even though grocery delivery services are available primarily in densely populated urban areas, grocery store chains need to consider new strategies to stay competitive as these offerings continue to emerge and diversify. Coin counters add convenience for customers, who may be interested in a one-stop shop to complete multiple errands. This can encourage consumers to continue to visit traditional retailers, even when presented with other choices. 

May 28, 2014