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Self-service coin counters protect consumers against loose change theft

Self-service coin counters protect consumers against loose change theft

Loose change theft is real, and people who use self-service coin counters can protect themselves from this common problem. Grocery store owners offer a great service by supplying these tools to the public. Instead of having leftover coins lying around in cars as a tempting target for criminals, patrons can bring them in and convert the coins into cash. Not only does that save them from being robbed, but it also gives them real cash to keep in their pockets where they belong. As recent stories have indicated, it doesn't hurt to be cautious in this situation. This is especially the case when it comes to being out on a trip for the weekend or even warming up the car on a cold day.

Consumers know the value of self-service coin counters

While the value of loose change can be small, some criminals still see that as an opportunity. The News-Herald, a publication based in suburban Detroit, reported a 26-year old man in Lincoln Park, Michigan, was arrested and put in jail for breaking into a few vehicles and stealing coins from inside. While ransacking the vehicle, he was only able to recover $8 worth of change before being spotted by authorities after an elderly resident called the cops. It took several officers and a police dog to bring him down after cops attempted to stop him.

A similar incident occurred in Chester, a city in North West England. One or several thieves have been ransacking vehicles all throughout the city. At least 20 vehicles have been broken into, with the primary target being loose change. Most of these thieves have been utilizing opportunities where car owners would leave their vehicles unlocked and the keys in while defrosting the windshield and warming the interior on a cold winter morning. Most often, change would be left on the console for the purpose of paying parking meters and other purposes.

Having loose change in the car can attract thieves. In some cases, the value of the coins, particularly pennies, could exceed their expected worth. With this in mind, consumers will want to move their coins inside the house. Grocery stores can offer a significant benefit in offering self-service coin counters, in that they can easily turn large quantities of loose change into cash while running errands.

March 31, 2015