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Self-service coin counters keep the in-store experience fresh at grocery stores

Self-service coin counters keep the in-store experience fresh at grocery stores

Grocery stores across the U.S. are experiencing success by offering coin counting machines and other self-service kiosks that consumers can access while they shop. Increasing foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores is perhaps the most effective way for these businesses to remain competitive in an industry that has recently expanded into the world of e-commerce. However, one thing the owners of these stores can offer that their online counterparts can't is the convenience of additional amenities such as machines that automatically turn loose change into cash.

Versatility and convenience crucial to grocery store success
A recent article from Progressive Grocer highlighted the fact that grocery stores have benefited from the ability to increase the versatility and variety of services provided on site. For example, in-store kiosks, which include anything from coin counting machines to DVD rental vending solutions, allow these businesses to leverage the growing trend of automation and self-service in other industries. The publication revealed that many stores that have embraced these tools are witnessing a rapid increase in traffic. Self-service coin counters such as those provided by Cummins Allison have even given longstanding niche kiosk providers a run for their money.

With the option of either leasing, owning or renting these machines, grocery stores can attract new customers by allowing them the convenience of completing several errands in one efficient trip. Individuals who set aside loose change in jars on a regular basis often wonder where they can go to turn that saved money into cash. Local grocery stores that install these devices can increase customer retention and loyalty.

A white paper from the telecommunications provider Tio Networks reported that businesses in this industry are constantly looking for ways to add value to the traditional in-store experience. Whereas in the past, many enterprises have focused on improving customer service by hiring more employees, the growing popularity of self-service coin counters and other related kiosks provides more financially conservative institutions with a low-cost solution for improving the atmosphere at the store. Because customers can access these machines on their own, managers don't have to worry about having employees take time away from other responsibilities to operate the device on behalf of shoppers. 

Customer satisfaction depends on a variety of factors. However, today's consumers place a high value on the ability to get their shopping done without standing in line or seeking the help of clerks or other employees.

February 28, 2014