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Self-service coin counters introduce credit union members to more services

Self-service coin counters introduce credit union members to more services

Offering a coin counting machine at a local credit union branch is a simple way to improve member service without straining existing operations.

Many of these financial institutions already have strong reputations for offering a variety of personalized resources for members. In fact, the most recent American Customer Satisfaction Index, which collects responses from nearly 70,000 Americans in 43 different industries, found credit unions are some of the most high-performing organizations when it comes to making users happy. Between 2012 and 2013, the sector's ACSI score rose from 82 to 85. Individual responses from members found these institutions routinely employed helpful staff members and were generally responsive to individual member preferences.

George Pasley, founder of the Internet software company iMazuma, wrote in the online publication Credit Union Insight about how more financial institutions are raising their service standards. He said some companies have even created new executive-level positions aimed exclusively at ensuring member satisfaction and happiness. Pasley argued that in the past, most organizations viewed the issue of member service as an inconvenience standing in the way of other important initiatives. However, this dynamic has changed dramatically in the past few years.

As more credit unions seek to leave a memorable impression on the people who visit their establishments, self-service coin counters can help fortify efforts to attract new members. A large majority of coin savers tend to visit financial institutions to turn their collections into cash. This means there is a tremendous opportunity for these firms to boost long-term business. Offering these convenient services is a strong introduction to an organization that offers a wide variety of other financial resources and tools. Credit union management teams will continue measuring strong satisfaction levels among members in the future.  

February 5, 2014