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Self-service coin counters improve customer loyalty

Self-service coin counters improve customer loyalty

For supermarkets, self-service coin counting machines are a great way to provide quality customer service. Keeping loose change is a hassle for many people, if only because people often feel they must use it in some capacity or it seems otherwise worthless. It's tedious to count and sort so much of it. With these counters, individuals and families don't have to go through such complicated processes and instead feel like the grocery store is doing them a favor. This type of feeling enables a stronger relationship with consumers, making them far more loyal and likely to stick around, depending on the circumstances.

Customer loyalty surveys show promise for supermarkets, coin counting machines can help

Loyalty remains a major pain point for many service sector businesses. Consumers are fickle and don't always demonstrate loyalty towards specific brands. At the same time, as supermarkets consolidate and supply chains help even out the cost of specific goods, there is little in the way of differentiation. To have loyal customers, many businesses have taken service to a more personal level, catering to patrons' needs no matter the circumstances. Thankfully, supermarkets have a grasp of this idea, especially given their roots in the community in delivering an important need, namely food.

The Temkin Group, which provides annual ratings for customer loyalty, released its report for 2015. In it, several supermarket brands covered the majority of the top 10 and 25 in various categories. In the coveted experience rankings, H-E-B, Publix, Trader Joe's, Aldi and Hy-Vee scored at least 70 percent. H-E-B was second only to financial institution USAA at 73 percent. Hy-Vee, meanwhile, scored highest in patron referrals. In every list except Web experience, supermarkets scored high marks. Kroger, Wegmans and Whole Foods Market also had great scores.

If anything, the conclusion businesses should make is supermarkets naturally attract loyal customers. They provide something everyone needs in the form of produce, packaged foods and other groceries. Store owners have a distinct advantage in this respect and can use this opportunity to develop stronger relationships with their patrons, especially if they live in close proximity. Self-service coin counters help in this regard. Instead of going through coins and filing rolls to deliver to a bank branch, customers can visit a place that's more convenient to them and complete the task without too much extra effort. In addition, with effective marketing on display around the machines, that extra cash can go into grocery sales.

January 8, 2016