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Self-service coin counters help promote supermarket brand changes

Coin counting machines are a good way to advertise new brands.

Self-service coin counters give grocery stores the means to better market their products and provide a useful service to their customers. To keep up with changing tastes, supermarket chains need to adjust their branding. In some cases, this means creating new brands and products while other times, it may present an opportunity to combine branding of separate projects. Whatever the circumstances, coin counting machines present an opportunity to market the new changes and further incentivize customers to check them out. With the extra money they gain from converting saved change into cash, customers can make an extra purchase. 

Coin counters offer an extra way to promote food brands 

Premium food branding at supermarkets remains in constant flux. Higher-end tastes change far more rapidly based on demographic and cultural trends in the food business, especially as concepts like organic produce enter the mainstream. What started as a premium branding based on environmental awareness and lifestyle choice is now a common find on many supermarket shelves, thanks to new regulations and increased interest. However, the concept's losing ground to the more recent phenomenon of natural foods that lack artificial or processed ingredients. Both push for healthier eating in different ways.

As a result of this focus on better diets, some supermarket chains see an opportunity to merge brands under one vision. Meijer's current plans encompass that strategy, according to Supermarket News. The Midwest-based chain will transition its Meijer Naturals and Meijer Organics into one product line named True Goodness. The intent of this brand is to end customer confusion regarding natural and organic products, which tend to mix together. The company currently sells 225 products from both brands. On top of that, 100 additional products will join the True Goodness line by early 2016, making it a key brand for its chain.

A marketing campaign is already underway to celebrate the merging of brands through social media. Another way of getting the message across to shoppers is through self-service coin counters. These machines enable branding and advertising through artwork on the machine itself and on the touch screen while customers wait for the counter to turn their change into cash. Through extensive promotion, there's a greater incentive for customers to purchase these brands, especially with the extra money they get after using these counters.

November 23, 2015