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Self-service coin counters help financial institutions enhance convenience

Small and medium-sized financial institutions could be doing much more to attract new members and ultimately increase the quality of service individuals experience when they stop by the bank on their daily errands. Investing in a self-service coin counting machine can offer these organizations a necessary boost that ensures long-term success.

The user experience has become a central point of focus in the financial services industry. Especially among regional bank branches that now compete with larger institutions to attract members with convenient amenities, the need to satisfy visitors with a wide variety of services is more important than ever before. Customer experience consultant Micah Solomon wrote in Forbes about how many Americans feel increasingly dissatisfied with the experiences they have when they visit the bank. In fact, many people view a trip to the local branch as merely a chore rather than a productive task.

According to the results from a recent survey by the multi-channel customer engagement service GMC Technology, more consumers around the world claim they consistently feel undervalued by their own banks. In the U.S. specifically, only 27 percent of respondents said they feel as though financial institutions truly meet their own needs on a regular basis. A large number of Americans also prefer their banks to make it easier to access services at their own convenience.

Because visiting the bank is often part of a larger errand-running initiative, financial institutions must do everything they can to make the in-person experience as user-friendly and productive as possible. For example, these organizations can target people interested in converting loose change into usable cash by offering self-service coin counter machines that can be accessed without the help of an employee.

December 2, 2013