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Self-service coin counters enhance the customer experience

Self-service coin counters enhance the customer experience

Focusing on the customer experience is a core part of making money in the grocery business, and having self-service coin counters is a great way to appeal to specific needs. From the visual merchandising point of view, these machines communicate the message that the store takes its customer service seriously. From the perspective of convenience, customers can easily bring their change to the machine and turn it into cash that they can spend in the store.

According to Supermarket News, the customer-centric business model has become a major buzzword, but this doesn't mean it isn't important. People go to grocery stores to buy products conveniently, and the more convenient a store can be, the better its chances of having repeat customers. Supermarket News emphasizes the need for managers to consider the customer at every step of the way, and this means that when making purchasing decisions about upgrades, it helps to think of the customer first. A self-service coin counter is a great way to show the customers they matter.

The visual aspect of a self-service coin counter is also important. Retail Customer Experience speaks to the importance of how the customer feels about the store in terms of visual merchandising. This doesn't only mean how the food looks - it means how the store is presented. Consumers can go anywhere for food - they can even shop for food online. It is becoming increasingly important that a store appeals to shoppers on multiple levels, and anything that will make someone feel welcome and truly part of a community will help. Business 2 Community explained that ultimately, the customer focus of a store trumps the prices offered. As such, having a self-service coin counter will make the customer feel welcome every time he or she sees it in the store.

January 9, 2015