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Self-service coin counters enhance the convenience factor of supermarkets and grocery stores

Self-service coin counters enhance the convenience factor of supermarkets and grocery stores

Self-service coin counters offer a direct, easily understandable benefit to the general public. Many people from all walks of life save change for a rainy day or accumulate it to put toward individual purchasing goals. No matter the specific reasons behind saving change, there eventually comes a time when individuals want to turn those coins into easily usable and storable bills. Self-service coin counters offer unmatched convenience for their users, providing a smoother and less time-consuming process than the alternative of rolling coins by denomination and then taking them to a bank branch where lines and a second count of the change may await.

Convenience among the attributes most valued by consumers

Generally, the two biggest factors that influence consumer behavior in terms of selecting a specific brand to interact with or store to shop at are convenience and price. Once very basic needs such as basic product quality and safety, store cleanliness and accessibility are met, many consumer decisions tend to come down to cost-effectiveness and convenience. For supermarkets and grocery stores, a more comprehensive view of convenience and related customer engagement concerns can help them connect with the mindset of modern shoppers and offer an outstanding experience that develops long-term loyalty.

Forbes highlighted some changes sweeping through the retail industry as a whole, including simplified, expedited checkout, improved customer service and new technologies used to alleviate long-standing pain points. The concept of value-added service is especially worthwhile for supermarkets and grocery stores, where variety in product offerings is an important selling point. Adding additional services desired by consumers on top of the traditional retail model is a relatively simple approach that improves positioning relative to local competitors.

With beneficial additions such as self-service coin counters, grocery stores can expand their offerings and create more chances to connect with consumers. These machines attract attention from shoppers and can be made even more prominent through the use of eye-catching custom graphics and signage. When customers know they can visit a store to fulfill more needs than just their grocery shopping, they're encouraged to make more frequent trips to a grocer. The fact that coin counters turn change into more easily spendable bills is another benefit, as stores can position the machines and use signage to encourage purchasing after use. Self-service coin counters provide a variety of benefits that help supermarkets connect with customers and encourage more business.

February 24, 2016