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Self-service coin counters draw back-to-school traffic

Self-service coin counters draw back-to-school traffic

It's back-to-school time across America, and parents and kids alike are flocking to stores for supplies. Grocery stores carry school supplies and tasty treats and snacks for lunch boxes. Self-service coin counters can serve as traffic drivers for families who are also looking for a way to empty their summer coin jars in exchange for cash.

Children call the shots
A Progressive Grocer report showed that when parents and children are in the back-to-school mode, the kids are the ones who decide what items to buy and how much money to spend. Dave Richards, of Accenture, recently told the publication about the differences between the Web shopping and in-store shopping experiences.

"The fact that the majority of parents we surveyed plan to participate in webrooming underscores the significance of having a consistent and convenient experience across all retail touch points," said Richards. 

Since many stores also have coin counters deployed, kids can empty their piggy banks and coin savings to spend on what they've seen online at the stores.

Self-service coin counters come in handy
The installment of coin counters in a grocery store is a savvy marketing tool. Everyone has a coin jar or box and eventually will want to cash those coins in for paper money. Financial institutions generally require an account to use the machines, but at a grocery store, a customer can walk right in and pour their coins into the machine and get a receipt for cold hard cash. Being in the grocery store, they are more likely to purchase goods - and that transcends to increased sales for the store.

Self-service coin counters are a proven way for grocery stores to drive traffic and increase sales.

September 9, 2014