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Self-service coin counters create millennial customer experiences

As more services become automated and self-checkout lines stay on the rise, self-service coin counters can help add to this trend to create a welcome customer experience for users to cash their loose change. According to Retail Customer Experience, millennial consumers today are looking for an aesthetically pleasing experience that also combines customer service and a sense of autonomy akin to self-checkout lanes at stores like Whole Foods and CVS. Before self-checkout lanes, grocery shoppers had to rely on grocery baggers and checkout attendants. For businesses, this meant hiring an extra helping hand and added costs for a company. A grocery store can save valuable time, money and resources by choosing self-checkout lanes and self-service coin counters for a truly millennial experience.

Millennials and self-checkout lanes: Are they antisocial?

Many Generation X individuals and baby boomers have expressed vocal worry for the onset of self-checkout lanes, saying that millennials are growing more antisocial with the advent of these products.While the personality aspects of these technologies are debatable, many millennials are embracing the idea of autonomy while shopping. According to a 1,000-person consumer study conducted by Retale, 20 percent of millennials do not like interacting with a cashier. This could be because consumers might be embarrassed about the products they are purchasing or simply do not want to converse with the cashier. Likewise, millennials do not enjoy interacting with checkout employees at other large retailers either. Because of these trends, millennials are more likely to use self-service coin counters to count their loose change rather than interacting with an employee. 

Why include a self-service coin counter?

Grocery stores can benefit from coin counting machines and self-service coin counters for multiple reasons. First, if the grocery store is in an urban area, individuals are more likely to carry change leftover from laundry machines and bus or train fare. Including self-service coin counters in these urban grocery stores helps millennials turn dimes, nickels and pennies into dollars. Along with the millennial idea of shopper autonomy, self-service coin counters give shoppers the opportunity to take a little alone time while being productive, making it a win for the grocer store as well as the millennial shopper.

April 27, 2016