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Self-service coin counters can incorporate unique branding opportunities

Coin counting machines make great branding opportunities, especially for aesthetically-themed stores.

Coin counting machines offer a service to consumers that makes their lives a little easier. They also double as branding opportunities, creating spaces where people are more likely to view advertising of any kind. A smart grocery store can offer information on new brands, special seasonal items or even what makes a given market stand out from competitors. Supermarkets can also get crafty and develop creative endeavors that make the store feel more special and homey to customers, strengthening a bond with the community and its residents.

Supermarkets could apply creative remodeling to coin counting machines

In an effort to stand out from competitors, supermarkets often go the extra distance to attract area customers. Some specialize in certain foods, while others add more services. A few may go so far as to add a restaurant or other retail service to their business. However, that can be expensive, and many stores may not have the budget to do so. Sometimes, they have to be clever and creative to appeal to consumers.

Tops Friendly Markets put that creativity to artistic use recently in opening a remodeled store in Chittenango, New York. Supermarket News reported on the opening, which developed an aesthetic centered on L. Frank Baum's classic children's story, "The Wizard of Oz." The amount of detail put into the unique endeavor was inspiring. Sometimes it was as simple as painting images of famous characters like the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion on columns. Other areas were more detailed, such as one section invoking the arrival of Dorothy at the Emerald City of Oz. Throughout the store, different illustrations depict the plot of the story, such as the deli showing Dorothy, Toto and the Scarecrow sitting on the meadow wondering how to fill their food basket.

Of course, there was more to the remodel than a simple theme change. Tops upgraded the produce and deli departments to better suit consumer needs, and it reworked its store to include larger organic and natural sections. However, the artistic endeavor may be a great way to stand out from more standard-aesthetic stores. The self-service coin counter can have a hand in this. For example, if one were to stick with the Wizard of Oz theme, the machine's livery could look a series of golden bricks, structured after the Yellow Brick Road. It's an effective demonstration of the theme.

December 30, 2015