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Self-service coin counters can draw traffic to the grocery store

Self-service coin counters can draw traffic to the grocery store

Savvy grocery managers are always looking to drive more traffic to their stores, and what better way to do so than by deploying self-service coin counters? People often collect change at home and leave it in jars for years to accumulate. When it comes time to count it all, would they rather hand count every last coin or go to a store that has an automated, self-service machine to do the counting for them and turn those coins into cash? The answer's an easy one.

Chains are using counting machines
When United Kingdom grocery chain, Tesco, opted to add coin counters to their smaller footprint stores, Cummins Allison was the company they chose for state-of-the-art equipment. 

Keeping abreast of changing technologies is always a smart business tactic and the utilization of self-service coin counters in grocery stores is a proven traffic driver as is evidenced by the increasing use of the technology by grocery stores and chains around the nation. Stephen Law is with Tesco and he said deploying the machines was a positive move.

The coin counters are a great way for our customers to exchange their pennies for pounds, ensuring their pockets and purses aren't jangling with small coins," explained Law. "They're fast and reliable, and are popular with our customers and colleagues alike." 

Retail Customer Experience, an online industry website, has complete details of how the systems are working for the stores but consumers appear to embracing the quick, reliant and accurate technology. 

August 29, 2014