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Self-service coin counters add to independent grocery shopping experience

Self-service coin counters add to independent grocery shopping experience

Recent advances to supermarket technology, like the widespread use of self-service coin counters, have completely altered the way Americans do their grocery shopping. What was once an inevitably social experience can now be performed almost completely independently. This is not only empowering for your consumers, it benefits your business as well, as consumer-operated technology saves your market time, money and manpower. 

Here are two self-service technologies you should consider adding to your grocery store:

Self-service coin counters and self-checkout machines

By adding cutting-edge coin counting technology to your business, you're not just providing another opportunity for your customers to feel empowered; you're also giving them the benefit of an accurate, reliable way to manage their cash. When workers are tasked with counting coins, there's always a risk of human error, but this issue is virtually nonexistent in state-of-the-art counting devices like the Money Machine 2.

This machine is able to efficiently and correctly differentiate between all types of coins and provides consumers with clear, user-friendly instructions. Additionally, unlike many coin-counting systems, this machine is quiet, which means your entire store won't be subject to disruptive noise as shoppers go about their days. Self-service coin counters are able to process high numbers of transactions each day, so you can serve a large number of customers. 

Additionally, creating a place in your store where customers can count their cash also increases the chance that they'll spend it onsite. As such, self-service coin counters represent a crucial opportunity for your market to boost both its reputation and revenue.  

Of course, adding self-service coin counters isn't the only way to get ahead. If you've been hesitant to jump on the self-checkout bandwagon, consider giving these machines a try. They've shown to be quite popular among consumers, who appreciate the efficiency, freedom and independence they offer. 

On the side of the consumer, self-checkout machines offer a few key benefits that may draw them to your store. First, customers are able to cycle through the payment process much faster when they're serving themselves than when they're checking out in full-service lanes. Self-checkouts help get more people through their transactions so that lines are shorter, aisles don't become clogged and people are able to have a much more pleasant shopping experience. Do-it-yourself payment options can also make your store more accessible to a wide number of customers, including those with language barriers or hearing impairments, who may feel intimidated or uncomfortable communicating directly with a store associate. 

Adding independent, customer-controlled checkout machines is also a great way to increase your supermarket's income. The Business Bee noted that self-checkout kiosks are smaller than traditional grocery payment lanes, which means they take up less room in the front of your store. You can use the extra space to add more checkout lanes and get additional shoppers through your store, or you can dedicate it to an exciting product display customers won't be able to resist.

Self-checkout machines also take an immense burden off your front-of-store employees. When there's a reliable independent way customers can pay, your workers don't need to be tied to their registers and can therefore perform other duties. 

May 12, 2017