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Self-service coin counters add functionality, convenience

Self-service coin counters add functionality, convenience

The market for grocery stores and supermarkets is currently the most diversified it's ever been. Stores have moved past the traditional divisions between premium and discount retailers to focus on a number of different demographics, from targeting shoppers especially concerned with food allergies and the sourcing of products to markets that cater to specific ethnicities and nationalities and the foods related to that identity. With all the stratification in the grocery store sphere, many organizations are concerned with making their own offerings stand out. Luckily, self-service coin counters offer an effective, convenient and attractive service to shoppers of all kinds.

Making stores a destination with self-service coin counters

The specialization of supermarkets across the U.S. means consumers have come to expect additional perks, offerings and services beyond the ability to buy the typical range of grocery store products. Whole Foods' store of the future concept in Georgia, open since late 2014, provides customers with far more information about the products on sale than a typical store, according to AdWeek. Digital screens provide additional nutritional data, and info related to farming and sourcing is presented in a similar manner. These technological advances, combined with the hot food bar and other additional services offered by all Whole Foods stores, help diversify the location and engender customer loyalty.

While an approach similar to Whole Foods' isn't practical or applicable for every grocery store and supermarket, there are some important takeaways that apply more broadly. More information, options and choices help markets attract customers. Convenient tools and additional functionalities, be they increased information, the presence of a coffee shop or a self-service coin counter, give potential shoppers more reasons to visit a specific store instead of one of its competitors. With coin counters specifically, supermarkets can gain a few major and unique benefits.

Coin counters automate the process of turning loose or saved change into more convenient bills. Markets hosting coin counters draw in customers who want to use these devices and then present a store full of foodstuffs, produce and sundries, encouraging spending inside the retail space. Coin counting machines can promote everything from a purchase at a store's prepared foods section to a major shopping trip, all facilitated by the extra cash on hand shoppers hold. And with the ability to use custom graphics on coin machines, grocery stores can market specific products and offerings as customers use the machines.

February 11, 2016