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Self-service coin counters a welcome addition to grocer remodeling

Self-service coin counters are useful in grocery renovations.

When it comes to reviving interest in grocery stores, a remodeling can help, and self-service coin counters make great additions to new layouts. These machines represent a unique service in what is typically a highly trafficked location. By giving people an opportunity to easily convert their loose change into actual cash, they can then use that money to buy goods in the store. The service in and of itself becomes a sales opportunity, and branding further emphasizes the shopping experience for the customer. Remodeling stores that lacked these machines before should consider installing them now.

Grocer renovations can benefit from self-service coin counters

Until recently, the grocery chain Haggen Food and Pharmacy operated primarily in the Pacific Northwest between Portland and the border between Washington State and British Columbia. The chain had 18 stores and 16 pharmacies along Interstate 5, and it was looking to expand. A unique opportunity to do so came from the merger between national supermarket companies Albertsons and Safeway. Due to anti-monopoly laws, the merging companies had to shed some stores.

The end result is that Haggen purchased 146 stores from Albertsons and Safeway, including 20 in Oregon, according to The vast majority of these were in the southwestern part of the country. To quickly integrate the acquisitions into its brand, Haggen is undergoing a plan to remodel and open 100 stores under its name in 100 days. The first store to open under the Haggen name was in Carlsbad, California on March 11.

Supermarket News, speaking to the CEO of the company's Pacific Southwest stores, was assured that 83 stores in Southern California, 10 in Arizona and seven the Las Vegas metropolitan area would be open before June 20, which is the 100-day milestone. Already, as of the beginning of May, 42 of the stores in Southern California had opened under the Haggen name.

It takes more than a new sign to indicate change and improvements when businesses remodel. Adding new services can help, which is where self-service coin counters can shine. If stores under the previous ownership didn't have these machines, now would be a good time to add them, since they offer a unique touch that differentiates the new brand. If they already were in place, adding some branding will help the new store stand out in such a way that will reinforce the store's values throughout the shopping experience .

July 6, 2015