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Self-service coin counters a great addition to new supermarkets

Self-service coin counters are useful components to new supermarkets.

Grocery stores can always benefit from offering new features for their customers, which is why self-service coin counters are a great asset. With many customers looking to pay for items in cash, any extra bit of convenience helps. Getting loose change hidden in the furniture, flooring, carpets and other places around the house can add up very quickly over time, translating to several dozen dollars that are untapped due to their small denomination. With these counters, the coins immediately become cash, which can then be used for a feast, or just an extra treat for later. People are happy with the little extra cash they have, and grocers benefit in the long run through extra sales.

New stores win with new self-service coin counters

While having self-service coin counters is a great addition to a current store, it's also advantageous to incorporate them when a store opens. In the event that a new store opening takes time, it may be a good idea to buy these machines in advance so the overhead costs are kept to a minimum. This is especially important for aggressive expansion strategies that exceed a company's normal territory.

Wegmans Food Market is taking a remarkable step in becoming not just a regional grocer but one that is hip to the new generation of American consumers. The company recently secured a deal to open a new supermarket in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City. Now they are looking to expand their presence in Washington, D.C. area, which has a growing number of young workers who are either working for the federal government or as a private contractor linked to various aspects of government operations, lobbying and other common activities there. Supermarket News reports the chain is securing a deal with financial institution Capital One to open a store at the banking and credit organization's headquarters in the suburb of Tysons Corner, Virginia. While it's expected to be smaller than a standard Wegmans at 80,000 square feet, it should garner a loyal customer base out of bank employees and local residents. Its location next to the Beltway and a new Washington Metro station will make it convenient for residents in the suburbs to visit the store as well. It is expected to open in 2019.

With convenience being a major factor in the success of supermarkets, self-service coin counters are important assets to consider. They provide convenience in the form of converting coins to bills, which are extremely useful when shopping for food and other sundries.

July 30, 2015