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Securing ATMs at banks

Securing ATMs at banks

ATMs are popular accessories in banks for multiple reasons. First, it gives the consumer the opportunity to take out cash and not max out their credit cards. Second, it gives business owners another reason for consumers to come into the store because they will feel the need to purchase something or open an account after withdrawal. Third, ATMs give consumers a place to withdraw for cash-only locations such as restaurants, bars or festivals. However, ATMs can be difficult to secure properly. How can banks properly secure machines? Follow the four steps below for secured ATMs in the branch.

Steps to protect ATMs

Use screen covers
According to Bankrate, customers are most likely to have their identity stolen from credit and debit cards at ATMs. Because of this, bank managers and tellers should invest in privacy screens for ATM machines. These privacy screens will help consumers by blocking the view of numbers ad account information from viewers outside the looking field. As well, consumers will feel secure knowing that their information is increasingly difficult to view.

Direct consumers to cover PIN numbers
Along with using screen covers, recommends that users cover keys while they are at an ATM for withdrawal. A sign can be placed above the ATM saying, "For your safety, please cover numbers while typing." Users should cover numbers while typing for multiple reasons. First, a thief may be waiting nearby or within vicinity. Second, a hacker could be watching users through security cameras for numbers. In these cases, secure all security cameras and ask customers to cover the keypad while typing.

Relocate the ATM to safer location
Farmer's markets and grocery stores are popular locations in general. However, if the ATM is out in the open or located outside the bank branch, a thief can easily get to the machine. If possible, Outside Online recommends moving the ATM to a safer location. This includes closer to walls, security cameras and away from areas of generally high walking traffic.

Check daily for machine damage
Some thieves will leave visible machine damage after an attempted break in. As such, machine owners should check for damages daily. See that all stickers and buttons are in place. Loosely jostle buttons to see if any have come loose. If so, contact your ATM provider immediately.

ATMs that come equipped with secure locking mechanisms, EMV-ready technology and consumer awareness mirrors can help banks provide reliable service and consistent value when they visit the branch. 

March 30, 2016