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Seasonal business owners save time with cash counters

The owners of seasonal enterprises can save a significant amount of time performing administrative and financial tasks by incorporating a cash counter into the back office. Businesses that only operate at certain times of the year often do so because the demand for their products is so high during these periods that it essentially generates enough income to justify closing their doors for the rest of the year. This means these companies are likely to receive large quantities of cash. Rather than wasting valuable time manually counting daily income, automated machines will ensure these tasks are completed within minutes.

Christmas tree farmers can benefit from utilizing cash counters
The year-end holidays represent one of the busiest times of year for seasonal stores. For example, Christmas tree farmers often generate impressive revenue during the weeks immediately following Thanksgiving. According to Fox Business, sales for these goods have already been higher than usual in 2013. The source cited data from the National Christmas Tree Association that said American consumers have spent roughly $1 billion in total on trees since 2006. Clark Gernon, owner of Shady Pond Tree Farm in Pearl River, La., said his opening weekend alone was 7 percent higher than same weekend in 2012.

In some cases, seasonal businesses can be so successful, that even important external factors such as weather fail to have any negative impact on overall sales. WRAL, a CBS affiliate based in Raleigh, N.C., said local tree farmers have been worried about the effects of recent rainy weekends on holiday revenue. However, Bill Glenn, of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services told the new station he expected to continue seeing an upward trend in sales this year.

Christmas tree farmers, as well as the owners of a variety of other seasonal businesses, can benefit from every opportunity to streamline operational efficiency. When stores are only open for a limited amount of time, managers and employees are constantly on the lookout for ways to do more with less. A cash counter is a valuable investment that has a variety of long-term payoffs. For example, small-enterprise owners can significantly reduce the time it takes to count daily income at the end of the day. This will ultimately allow more time for employees to concentrate on other important business tasks. 

December 20, 2013